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Trump’s Orders on WeChat and TikTok Are Uncertain. That May Be the Point.

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s sudden decision late Thursday to restrict two popular Chinese social media services from the United States has created confusion about how broad the bans on doing business with China could ultimately be. That confusion may be part of the point. Citing national security concerns, the Trump administration announced that it would […]

Trump Targets WeChat and TikTok, in Sharp Escalation With China

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has announced sweeping restrictions on two popular Chinese social media networks, TikTok and WeChat, a sharp escalation of its confrontation with China that is likely to be met with retaliation. Two executive orders, released late Thursday and taking effect in 45 days, cited national security concerns to bar any transactions […]

ByteDance Said to Offer to Sell TikTok’s U.S. Operations

ByteDance, the Chinese internet giant that owns TikTok, has offered to sell all of the popular video app’s American operations as a way to save the business from being banned by the Trump administration, a person with knowledge of the matter said on Saturday. President Trump had told reporters on Friday that he was considering […]

Lawmakers, United in Their Ire, Lash Out at Big Tech’s Leaders

WASHINGTON — The chief executives of Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook, four tech giants worth nearly $5 trillion combined, faced withering questions from Republican and Democratic lawmakers alike on Wednesday for the tactics and market dominance that had made their enterprises successful. For more than five hours, the 15 members of an antitrust panel in […]

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Prepare for Their ‘Big Tobacco Moment’

WASHINGTON — After lawmakers collected hundreds of hours of interviews and obtained more than 1.3 million documents about Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, their chief executives will testify before Congress on Wednesday to defend their powerful businesses from the hammer of government. The captains of the New Gilded Age — Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Tim […]

Jeff Bezos Cast in a Role He Never Wanted: Amazon’s D.C. Defender

WASHINGTON — Last September, Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive, rattled off terrifying statistics about the warming planet from the storied National Press Club, two blocks from the White House. Then he said he had something exciting to announce. But when he uncovered a towering sign with the news, Amazon’s name was nowhere in sight. Instead, […]

Tim Bray is Not Done With Amazon

SEATTLE — Tim Bray, an internet pioneer and a former vice president at Amazon, sent shock waves through the tech giant in early May when he resigned for what he called “a vein of toxicity” running through its culture. Within a few hours, his blog post about the resignation drew hundreds of thousands of views, […]

U.S. Accuses Hackers of Trying to Steal Coronavirus Vaccine Data for China

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department accused a pair of Chinese hackers on Tuesday of targeting vaccine development on behalf of the country’s intelligence service as part of a broader yearslong campaign of cybertheft aimed at industries around the world, including defense contractors, high-end manufacturing and solar energy companies. Justice Department officials labeled the suspects, Li […]

Twitter Struggles to Unpack a Hack Within Its Walls

As forensic investigators at Twitter hurried on Wednesday to discover the origin of one of the worst hacks in the company’s history, the team came to a startling conclusion: The hack was coming from an account inside the house. But even by Thursday afternoon, 24 hours after hackers pushed a Bitcoin scam from the accounts […]

The Pandemic Has Accelerated Demands for a More Skilled Work Force

Economists, business leaders and labor experts have warned for years that a coming wave of automation and digital technology would upend the work force, destroying some jobs while altering how and where work is done for nearly everyone. In the past four months, the coronavirus pandemic has transformed some of those predictions into reality. By […]

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